startup development
For founders
by founders
We are a high-performance team of engineers and designers who perfectly understand the need of startups. You may ask why? It’s simple, all together we launched and failed dozens of startups by ourselves... So now we know what you shouldn't do :)
We build products
from scratch & beyond
We dive deep into our clients’ business and treat each product as our own
Everything starts with design. You tell us your idea and we create beautiful visuals based on it.
Now it's development time, you will get what you saw in Figma on your mobile device screen.
We are keeping you up to date with regular updates and builds.
Anton is a highly skilled professional! He was able to deliver results extremely fast. I was surprised by his productivity and the high quality of the end product. I totally recommend him as a good highly skilled developer to deal with. Thanks a lot, Anton! Your work is making a difference! Many people already got help because of you!
Vyacheslav Volya
CEO at Aidyx